Postpartum Prep

Upcoming Dates:

October 17

December 19

This class is held from 6-8pm


So you took the birth classes…you bought the baby gear….now it’s time to prep for what happens AFTER the baby arrives! Through Kellie’s work with new families for the last 5 years, insight from her own postpartum experiences, her postpartum doula education and her work creating the Postpartum Podcast for 4 years, this class draws from many facets and modalities an incorporates both holistic and practical tips. Class will focus on the healing of the birthing person and setting family up for success once your new little one comes home.

This packed 2 hr class will include:

  • What to expect immediately postpartum and in the days and weeks following

  • Herbal & Homeopathic remedies and traditional postpartum foods for healing

  • Instruction for gentle core rehab exercises that can be done immediately postpartum to facilitate pelvic floor and core healing

  • Your “Postpartum Plan” and it's effect on Breastfeeding.

  • Practical tips to stay Sane in that 4th Trimester

  • Education on Postpartum Mood Disorders

  • And More!

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