Special Events & Workshops

The Root also offers special events and classes that don’t necessarily fall into our lists of regular classes. These include our Birth Worker Self Care Series, Seasonal Women’s Workshop Retreats, Melt Method Classes, Essential Oils and More!

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Join us after prenatal yoga for some yummy pregnancy and lactation friendly tea from Maiden Love Birth and Botanicals for semi-monthly chats with amazing birth professionals about how different modalities can support your entire childbearing year. These are FREE talks and conversations you won't want to miss! Prenatal and Postpartum birthing persons welcome! Non-moving infants also welcome. Talks start at 7pm and last around an hour.

Upcoming Dates:

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Birth Worker Self Care Series

A monthly series of rotating events, workshops, classes and sharing circles. These include Yoga for birthworkers, meditation and journaling, sharing circles, self care work, trauma work and more! These will be rotating events that help support the burnout that we often face as heart-centered professionals working in a caring field.

Anyone who serves as a touchpoint for families during the childbearing year are welcome. This includes but is not limited to Doulas, Childbirth Educators, Lactation Consultants, Midwives, Nurses, OBs, Pelvic Floor PTs, and more!

Next Event:

June 30th 3-5:30pm


Herbal Medicine Making Circle at The Root

Join local herbalist and medicine maker Courtnee Booker on an exploration into herbal medicine making. Over the course of four, two-hour classes we will be learning the skills and techniques needed to make our own custom herbal remedies. We will cover the basics of using oil, water, alcohol, honey, and vinegar to create potent herbal preparations at home, that can be customized to meet your specific health goals. Students will leave class with recipes and samples to build their own handcrafted herbal medicine chest. Join us for one class, or all four!

Fall Dates Coming Soon!

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Seasonal Women’s Workshops

Celebrate each change of season with a half day women’s workshop including an Amba Class led by Ana Foley-Kennedy, mandala making, tea & tarot and meditation with Kellie. More information and pricing coming soon!

Upcoming Dates:

Summer Solstice Workshop 6/23

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Self Care Massage Workshops

Gentle self-massage techniques to hydrate the connective tissue that supports our muscles, joints, nerves and organs.  Workshops use soft body rollers and balls to gently reduce accumulated tension caused from overuse, injury, misalignment, and stress.  Workshops may also include simple corrective exercises and alignment cues to further support the body to find our blindspots and compensations. Instructor Vanessa Light is trained in the MELT Method and The Roll Model as well as other complementary modalities to help the body feel its best.

Embodied Core Workshop : Check Back for Upcoming Dates

Use gentle self-massage techniques and subtle corrective exercises to turn on and optimize your reflexive core while relaxing tense back and abdominal muscles. Fire up your core with NO PLANKS and NO SIT UPS! Wear clothes suitable for movement. Participants should be able to get down and up from the floor. Please drink water before and during the class. A yoga mat is suggested. All tools will be supplied and also available for purchase.

Mama Massage Workshop: Check Back for Upcoming Dates

This 90 minute workshop is for the prenatal and postpartum mom. Participants will learn gentle self-massage to address common aches and pains such as: back, hip, foot, and wrist pain. Modifications will be given during the workshop, but participants should be healthy enough for activity. Tools (soft rollers and balls) will be supplied and also available for purchase. A yoga mat and water are recommended. Pre-crawling babies are welcome!