The Root is Sacramento’s premiere education, yoga and perinatal wellness studio designed to support families on their paths as they grow through pregnancy, postpartum and new parenthood.

Owner Kellie Edson, 39 weeks pregnant with her second child, Charlotte.

Owner Kellie Edson, 39 weeks pregnant with her second child, Charlotte.

About the Owner:

Kellie is a mom to two little girls (age 5 and 1) and is certified through ICEA for childbirth education and also a CBE mentor through ICEA. She is also Birthing From Within trained for Childbirth Education and will be offering BFW mentorship classes in 2020. She has done over 80 hours of Lactation Education, first some locally and then certified as a CLEC through UCSD and studied under Gini Baker. She also co-leads a weekly breastfeeding support group at one of our local hospitals, and has supported the IBCLC there for the last 2 years. While not practicing as a PP doula, she has completed the certified Postpartum Doula Training through Cornerstone. She completed Penny Simkin’s “When Survivors Give Birth / OP Baby” Training in 2016 and is an Evidence Based Birth® Professional Member and utilizes much of their resources in classes. As of Fall 2019 she is completing the Birth Story Medicine courses to become a trained Birth Story Listener. Prior to The Root, she also hosted The Postpartum Podcast for 4 years.

Kellie is also a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher with nearly 400 hours of training, including trainings in Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin, Chakras, Prenatal/Body & Birth Awareness, Advanced Assisting and Trauma-Informed Yoga. She wholeheartedly believes that yoga is one of the best preparations for birth and strives to create both strength and softening in those who experience her classes.

We would love for you to join our “Root Village” and to support you, wherever you are on your parenthood journey.

Our Team

The studio would not be what it is without ALL of this amazing team!

Kellie Edson ICCE, CLE, CpPD, RYT with over 350 hrs training : The Root Owner & Educator: Prenatal Yoga, Must Have Tools for Labor, Breastfeeding & Pumping 101, Survival Tools for Baby, Postpartum Prep, Early Pregnancy, Baby & Me Yoga & Postpartum Sculpt Classes, Vinyasa Sculpt Classes, Facilitator Working Moms Support Group.

Miss Helen, Infant & Preschool Music Educator for over 38 years. Instructor: Kindermusik & Music with Miss Helen Classes

Kristen Breaux, CMT, CIMI, Instructor: Infant Massage Series and Essential Oils Classes

Ana Foley- Kennedy, RYT-200 & Certified Amba Teacher Sub Instructor for Prenatal Yoga classes and Amba instructor for Seasonal Women’s Workshops

Courtnee Booker, Doula, Herbalist: Herbal classes, workshops, teas and tinctures

Lyl Starr, ICCE, CLE, BA Psychology and has worked in early childhood education since 2012, Instructor: Sibling To Be, ICAN Co-Leader

Tawny Linehan, Birthfit Coach and Certified Level 1 Crossfit Trainer Instructor: Strength and Conditioning Class

Vanessa Light, Certified MELT Method Instructor: Self Care Massage Workshops

Brooke Lonergan, BD, RYT Instructor: Yoga Classes Sub

Gloria Rodriguez, RYT Instructor: Yoga Classes Sub

Michelle Blair, RYT Instructor: Yoga & Postpartum Classes Sub, Working Moms Group Back-Up facilitator

Jillian Van Ness, CMT, CIMT, CPMT Instructor: Groovaroo Babywearing Dance Classes, Infant Massage Express Classes

Catherine O’Brien, MFT Facilitator: Parent Support Group

Chris Edson Facilitator: New Dads Support Group

Niki Martasian Facilitator: Special Needs Support Group

Hiyadeh Payvandi Facilitator: Bonus Moms Step Mom Support Group

Julie Kwong Co-Facilitator: Wombs in Waiting Support Group

Jen Cowell Co-Facilitator: Wombs in Waiting Support Group

Amy Moy Certified Cornerstone BD, CBE Facilitator: Rainbow Families at The Root LGBTQ Peer Support Group

Rachelle Ahmad, BD, CpPD Facilitator: ICAN (International Caesarean Awareness Network) Support Group

Jennifer Guiraud and Misty Dunn Leaders: La Leche League Group



Why “The Root?”

The inspiration for “The Root” is two fold. Shortly after I bought the business, I was attending a workshop on the Chakra system, or the subtle energetic bodies often described in yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic practices. I had been searching my mind for a name that would feel inclusive of all types of families, where a community could be built around perinatal wellness and where all parents would feel safe and seen. The Root Chakra is located at the base of your spine and is formed during birth and infancy. It has everything to do with the feelings of safety and security, grounding, trust and letting go of fear. I could think of nothing more perfect for a studio with a mission to support building the foundations for new families, through education support and inclusivity…. and so The Root was born. In addition, you will notice in the smaller room of the studio there is a beautiful stained glass picture in the ceiling of actual plant roots. When I realized this, it was the final sign that this is what the studio was destined to be called.

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The Space

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