Pumping 101


Class takes place from 10-11:30am

Upcoming Dates:

August 4, September 22, October 27, December 15


($70 with Breastfeeding 101 Class - Save $20)

How often should I pump? When should I pump? What are best practices around pumping? How long can milk be stored? What are the best bottles? Which pump should I use? How do I introduce bottles? These are just a few of the questions plaguing moms when preparing for a baby’s arrival and for subsequent separation of you and baby. Whether that’s for work reasons, school reasons, or simply just want to get out of the house reasons, we will cover and come up with a personalized plan for introducing pumping into your breastfeeding relationship. This class is limited to 6 birthing persons. Partners are welcome, but we keep this class limited to account for personalized support!

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