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The Root is thrilled to be participating in Sacramento Free Day of Yoga's 8th annual FREE Yoga classes on Labor Day.

We will have 3 Free classes for Labor Day Monday.

First, a special Baby & Me Yoga Class at 11am, join Kellie Edson for a gentle Vinyasa Flow / Yin combo class designed to strengthen your body and calm your mind as you find your way back into a yoga practice in the postpartum period. (No previous yoga experience necessary!) Babies will be occasionally incorporated into poses as temperament allows. This class is appropriate for moms/birthing persons who have been cleared for exercise by their midwife/doctor (usually around 4-6 weeks postpartum) up until newly crawling. The class is also open to any dad, parent or other caregiver.

At 5pm join Michelle Odakura Blair for a calming one-hour restorative yoga and group meditation class from 5-6pm. This class will include restorative poses where students are guided into relaxation and a meditation circle practicing mindfulness and compassion. Leave feeling refreshed with mantras to carry with you throughout the week.

And finally, at 6pm join Kellie for our bread & butter prenatal yoga class.You need both strength and softening to get through labor and childbirth and you will learn and practice both in this signature class from the Root. In this supportive and modified vinyasa yoga classes, you will learn positioning, breath and tools to support your birth all while building your new parent village.

This is a great time to bring a prenatal, postpartum, or overworked parent to The Root to check out a class!

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